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Greece’s unemployment alive and kicking with 27.3% in April14

July 10, 2014

Unemployment in Greece remain high with 27.3% in April 2014. according to latest press release of Greek Statistics Authority (ELSTAT). To tell you the truth I am totally confused about this data. First of all I remember, the ELSTAT unemployment rate was 26.8% in March 2014 but in this latest review it is given as 27.3%. Unfortunately as my website is currently down, but I double checked the data and titles googling “keeptalkinggreece unemployment.”

Furthermost I just saw on state NERIT broadcast, the unemployment rates of May 2014. “Unemployment remained the same¬† in May with 27.3% – April also 27.3%”.¬† Whereby ELSTAT has not published the May rates yet!

OK, OK. I should not rely on Greek Statistics. OK. I just post it for the record…. lol



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