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Take the Poll: should the Crocodile of Crete be caught?

July 11, 2014

Operation “get the crocodile” is reportedly ready. A huge trap with a I-hope-not-living chicken will be placed at the shore of the Potami Dam lake in the Prefecture of Rethymnon. Then the experts will be lurking to see the crocodile sliding inside the trap to eat the chicken. The experts will close the trap door, take the mysterious crocodile in captivity and transfer him somewhere …safe. Like in Attikon Park in Athens that has been under the attack of animal activists due to the dolphin sin captivity.

crocodile trap

The mysterious crocodile was spotted last week in Crete and ever since the experts puzzle how the reptile landed in a Cretan lake. As the island in Southern Greece is far away from being consider as
the natural tropical environment” for a crocodile, it is more than certain that the crocodile was bought to be kept as ‘pet’ and was released by his owner when he grew older, longer and hungrier.

The experts want to capture him as soon as possible, they have installed surveillance cameras in hope to identify the spots where the crocodile spends his time.

Fences have been set and signs warn tourists. Swimming in the lake has been banned even though the lake was not what we could call a popular destination for swimming.

Now the crucial question:

should the crocodile be captured and transferred?


should he enjoy the rest of his life free in the Potami Dam Lake?

Take the poll, please!




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