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Golden Dawn spokesman remanded in pretrial custody

July 10, 2014

One by one the MPs of  neo-Nazi Golden Dawn find themselves behind bars – in pretrial custody. The spokesman of the party, MP Ilias Kasiadiaris, was remanded in pretrial custody on Thursday, on charges of illegal weapons possessions with the intent to supply a criminal organization.

Kasidiaris claimed that the weapons were two hunting rifles belonging to his father.

However according to the reasoning of the special magistrates investigating the Golden Dawn, the rifles were converted into shotguns.

In their 24-page reasoning, the magistrates decided to send Kasidiaris in Korydallos prison until his trial due to “his violent character” and “on suspicion of committing new offenses.”

As expected Kasidiaris swore at the judiciary, the government and the journalists calling them “tramps” and “snitches”.

In October 2013, when short after the murder of rapper Petros Fyssas, police and judiciary hit the big blow against Golden Dawn, Kasidiaris was granted conditional release on the charges for belonging and running a criminal organization. He was released on bail.

So far, nine MPs from Golden Dawn – party leader Michaloliakos included – are in pretrial custody.

In June 2012 parliamentary elections, GD elected 18 deputies. 3 of them resigned from the party and distanced themselves however they did not escape charges.

Gd elected 3 MEP in the European Palriament elections of May 2014.



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