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Update: Explosion at Ministry for Civil Protection – 1 Dead

June 24, 2010

The  blast right in the heart of country security occured at 20:20 some 15 – 20 meters away from the Minister’s for Civil Protection office, when his adjutant unfold the gift envelope.

Giwrgos Vasilakis, 52, deputy Police officer was responsible for the correspondence of the minister. Michalis Chisohoidis. The explosion was so powerful that the body of the unfortunate man was partitioned according to the testimony of the paramedic ambulance, while the inner wall of the room, which is located about 15-20 meters from the office of M. Chrysohoides collapsed.

At the time of the explosion the Minister was in his office.

It is the first time that a bomb has been “delivered” to the target.

The Minister for Civil Protection said, according to information in a telephone communication with the prime minister that “the package was for me.”

It is still unclear how the bomb device exploded. It is still unclear how the bpmb-package was able to pass through the explosive detection machines of the Ministry. There are two detection machines which reportedly functioned normally. The first machine tets the package when it arrives and the second before reaching the minister’s office.

Giannis Makris, Chairman of Police Officer’s Union said in ALTER  TV channel interview that ‘there must have been information from inside”.

There are unconfirmed reports that a currier of a known company had delivered the package. Similar reports talk about a similar explosive device that killed a 15 years old Afghan boy, two months ago in Athens.

So far no organisation has claimed responsibility.


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