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Greek Politics: Democratic Left is falling apart

July 10, 2014

Former junior partner of Samaras’ coalition government Democratic Left (DIMAR) is falling apart. An MP resigned Thursday morning, short time later the part board expelled prominent MP Dimitris Psarianos. when he refused to support DIMAR for a referendum for the sale of so-called “Little DEH”, that is the privatization of 30% of Greek Public Power Company.  An hour later another prominent member of DIMAR central committee had submitted his resignation. The number of seats DIMAR hold now in the Parliament is down to 11.

Democratic Left suffered a major blow at the European Parliament elections and managed to gain just 1.23%.

The party that served as junior coalition government partner 2012-2013. The party managed to survive the closure of state broadcaster ERT but the rather confused policies of party chairman Fotis Koyvelis have left many party members in anger and criticis from the inner of the party blame Kouvelis for not clear policies.

After the EU elections Kouvelis had submitted his resignation from the party chairmanship but the board of central committee turned the resignation down.

Why do we care about Democratic Left? Because its falling apart would increase parties of the left and center-left like PASOK/ELIA, SYRIZa and To Potami.



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