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Athens: stones and tear gas as protesters commemorate teenager boy killed by policeman

December 6, 2013

Minor incidents between school students and riot police occurred on Friday in downtown Athens during a protest march to commemorate the killing of teenager boy Alexandros Grigoropoulos by a policeman in 2008.

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fired tear gas via @dromografos

Outside the Athens university, when the protest started, students hurled stones and oranges against riot police squads, while the latter fired tear gas.

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Riot police surrounded students outside Athens university (pict @MakisSinodinos)

A little earlier at nearby Korai Square, a group of 30 protesters wearing hoods attacked with fists and kicks a small group of traffic policemen. One policeman suffer minor injuries in the face.

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nonchalant  pict by @dromografos

An unknown number of detentions have taken place.

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Banner: “We live for today, we struggle for tomorrow”

In Aegaleo suburb of  Piraeus, a group hurled molotov cocktails against the local police station.

Another protest is to be launched at 6 p.m. on Friday with a march to Greek Parliament at Syntagma Square. Metro stations <Syntagma>, <Panepistimio> and <Evaggelismos> are closed to passengers as of 10 a.m. by police order.

more pictures and updates see in Twitter #6dgr


Athens: three metro stations closed due to protests Dec 6/2013

December 6, 2013

Police ordered the closure of three metro stations as early as 10 o’clock Friday morning due to demonstrations that will take place in order to commemorate the killing of teenager boy Alexanros Grigoropoulos by a policeman in 2008.

Metro stations <Syntagma>, <Panepistimio> and <Evaggelismos> are closed to passengers as of 10 pm and will open again most probably late at night.

School students will launch a protest at 11 am outside the Athens University in Panepistimiou Avenue. Another demonstration with march to the Greek Parliament will be launched at 6 p.m. at the same starting point.

Greek media report of the high possibility that more metro stations will be closed in the afternoon.

When metro stations are closed, wagons just pass through but passengers are not allowed to get off or in.


Standing in the cold for a bag of free food…

December 3, 2013

the picture is familiar. We saw hands raised to get a bag of free distributed vegetables and fruits two years. In Greece of deep recession and strict austerity measures the needs of people keep growing in alarming levels. People put their dignity aside and rush to get some free food.

Ελλάδα 2013: Χέρια απλωμένα για μια σακούλα τρόφιμα... VIDEO

This morning outside the Social Grocery in Kallithea suburb of south Athens. A large crowd of people in need awaits in the cold to get a paper with a number in order to get a bag of free food.

The people were much more than the organizers expected.

Oh! that’s Greece in December 2013.

Stormy winds up to 9 Beaufort rage in Athens

December 3, 2013

With up to 9 Beaufort stormy winds have been raging in Athens since the early morning hours of Tuesday Trees were uprooted, shop signs were down,  garbage bins overturned, Christmas trees and decorations fell down.  Some streets have been closed to traffic due to damages caused by the wind. The Fire Brigade received more than 200 calls for cutting fallen trees.

Tree branch blocks trolley in downtown Athens

The roof of a gym in Glyfada

Fallen tree in Neo Psychiko

The bad weather front is expected to bring snow in the mountains around Attica and radical drop in temperatures. The wind is blowing North, North-West.

Some ferries and ship traffic has been halted as winds up to 10 Beaufort will blow in the Aegean Sea.

Greek media report that  in suburbs where trees were fallen residents rushed with saws to get wood for their fire place.

sources:, protothema & others

PS Keep calm and put some stones in your pockets if you have to walk outside.

Greek Public & Private Sector Protest Work Stoppages, Nov 13-15/2012

November 13, 2012

Greek public and private sector unions ADEDY, GSEE and POE-OTA (municipality workers) have called for several work stoppages and protest rallies in the following days:

Tue, Nov 13/12: Public sector ADEDY and POE-OTA work stoppage starting 12 noon, across the country. A protest rally outside the ministry of administration reform (Vas. Sofias Avenue) will start at 12:30.

Wed, Nov 14/12: ADEDY, GSEE (private sector) and POE-OTA  work stoppage starting 12 noon to 3 p.m. across the country. Protest rally at 1 o’clock at Klafthmonos Square. Pan-European Strike action.

Trains and Proastiakos will join the protest, however trains on Athens-Thessaloniki-Alexandoupoli route will operate as usual.

There are not announcements for work stoppages of public transport/air traffic controllers/seamen so far, but better check later for possible updates.

Thu, Nov 15/12: POE-OTA Thessaloniki Prefecture work stoppage 8-11 a.m.

Athens under attack! Heat-wave, public-transport strike & ‘smog’ take our breath away!

June 17, 2010

Athens is boiling today! 36 C in shadow, 45 C in the sun (measured in my balcony) .

Dust from the Sahar turns heaven yellow

Traffic jam in all major streets. This morning people left their homes for work by driving their own cars.

 Metro drivers are on a 48-hour strike. Their colleques driving  Buses, Trains and  Trams  have pulled the vehicles brakes  from 11:00 to 16:00.

Air pollution is extremely high.

South winds & humidity as well high concentration of sulfure dioxine, carginogen benzene and photochemical particles from cars take our breath away.

That’s a torture for elderly and very young, people suffering from high or low blood pressure, respiratory problems

I feel I ‘ll get a sunburn even if I stay at home!

The only possitive thing I could think today is that Greece beats Nigeria in South Africa!

Really Cool Video !!!

Weather in Athens: Sunday, 6th June 2010

June 6, 2010

Weather miserable

… so cheer up!

partly cloudy

sea grey

life like this ?

OH NO! Better a classical jazzy Summertime

I am not going to let  Sunday newspapers’ pathetic news about politicians’ scandals, unpunished corruptors,  free running killers & 40 years of work for – 52% pension to spoil  to get me down.

I will post the news that make me angry… tomorrow.


World Cup: Greek “Pirates” to set sail for Africa Saturday

June 4, 2010

( – facebook group)

Greek National Team, nicknamed Pirate Ship, leaves for South Africa on Saturday, 5th June. The departure will take place in the afternoon, after training in Agios Kosmas at 15:00.

Fans around the world are incredibly excited, expecting the 2004 Euro Champion to  succeed to the second round.

“We are the dark horse and we will always be the dark horse. That’s the way we like it. Greece is a team that has no one superstar to rely on, however, we are truly a team that works very hard together and is disciplined. … Argentina is the favourite but we definitely think we’ll make it to the second round,” Gus Karvelis,  Vancouver born Greek and coordinator of the Hellenic Community of Vancouver’s Greek soccer league,  said to Vancouver Sun daily.

World Cup fans George and Gus Karvalis outside the Hellenic Community Centre in vancouver, May 2010.

Gus and son George ( photograph by Ward Perrin PNG – )

Greece plays  South Korea 12/06

Nigeria          17/06

Argentina     22/06

Hoping the Greek National Team “Pirates” will be in a better condition than against Paraguay, where they cashed two painful goals in the International Friendly.

Greece coach Otto Rehagel told NOVASPORT on Paraguay game:

“In the first fifteen minutes or so we were asleep, and we conceded two goals,” (


Where is my Blog? Where is my Summer?

June 3, 2010

I have been very busy lately. You know, busy with … stuff!

In fact I have been busy since a couple of months with …stuff!

And since “stuff” makes “stuff”, I feel stuffed myself. Stuffed with fat!

I realized with horror that waste line downwards I have become stuffier & stuffier. Is it due to this?

Auntie’s Greek Galaktoboureko!

Or is it due to this?

miserable weather in Athens – yesterday!

I mean this real mean weather. It is the 2nd of June in Athens and we have hardly seen the summer yet. Everything is upside down here. Even springtime was actually in … February!

Apart a few hot days –was it one?-, the rest reminds me of September: a little cloudy, a little windy a little chilly, a little weird for the season.

In fact this is the time to start making plans for a vacation. Vacation in Greece means for me sea, sea, & sea.

Lefkada vacation – last year!

But how to go to the sea when the weather urges you rather to take your umbrella than your swimming suit? And on the other hand, how to go to the sea if you are so stuffed with fat?

Anyway, lots of things have gone upside down the last couple of months, weeks, days. Privately and nationally: Harsh austerity measures, no future ahead and corruption scandals that never seem to end. Of course, the bloody Gaza Flotilla assault. I am a full blood journalist so I can’t help but giving priority to news than to pure blog stuff.

I had thought my blog would be a mixture of news & comments plus a kind of ironical approach to the situation in Greece. But I have lost my humor lately.  There is almost nothing to laugh about or  to inspire you in a perspective sharp mental way. Most of the people I know are down, in a bad psychological situation, see no future ahead. People at my age get jobless; their children have no chance for a job.

Have a nice day!

my  Hybiskus… last year!

This year my balcony Hybiskus got ‘depressed’ too…

Flotilla Activists: Greeks to arrive tonight – Detainees Letter from Beer sheva

June 2, 2010

As the deportation of Flotilla activists has started, a Greek C-130 took off  early afternoon from Athens to Tel Aviv- All Greek activists are to return sometime at night to Athens.

Below : Letter of Greek activists while detained in Beer sheva prison

 (Translation from

Statement of accusation issued by the “Ship to Gaza” movement

Statement – Accusation from “Ship to Gaza” Movement
“Eleftheri Mesogeios”, the cargo ship with Greek flag and 22 Greek passengers, which participated in the international “Freedom Flotilla” mission, carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, was under pirate raid by Israeli commandos in the international waters, during early hours on Monday 31/5. The same violent attack had already taken place on “Sfendoni”, a ship with Greek passengers as well, and all 4 other ships of the flotilla. There was use of live ammunition, unarmed citizens were murdered. Israeli commandos with their guns extended, violently attacked Greek passengers by using physical violence and electrified sticks, they handcuffed them, dragged them brutally to the deck. Israelis continued using violence when arrived to Ashdod port, where the ships and passengers were driven, where Greek people were brutally beaten with unprecedented violence and 3 of them were carried to hospitals and the others to separate detention centers.
All of us Greek men and women who are illegally imprisoned in Israeli prisons, we strongly refuse signing any statement forced on us by the terrorist state of Israel.
We denounce by all means this murderous attack against our international mission.
We ask the Greek government to break all diplomatic relations with Israel, the state-piracy that abolishes 5,000 years of free navigation in the Mediterranean.
We state that as long as Gaza is under blockade, as long as Palestine is occupied, as long as the international community does not dare to impose on Israel international legitimacy and international decisions, we will continue to prepare new missions and to sail for Gaza waters.
Until the biggest concentration camp created by Israelis in the 21st century stops to exist.
Tuesday, June 1st 2010,
Beersheba prison, Israel
Signed by
The 20 people included in the telephone list
The 6 women
Karypidis Giannis
Boukos Theodoros

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