Greek politics survey: SYRIZA 21.5%, ND 19.8%, GD 8.5%…

Main opposition party left-wing SYRIZA leads with 21.5% and is followed by Samaras’ Nea Dimocratia with 19.8%. Third party remains extreme-right Golden Dawn with 8.5% although most of its MPs are in custody.

The public opinion survey was conducted by MRB among 2,000 respondents and during 25. June – 4. July 2014.

SYRIZA 21.5%

ND 19.8%

Golden Dawn 8.5%

To Potami 6.5%


KKE 5.1%

Independent Greeks 3.8%

Democratic Left 1.3%

Other party 7.1%

Undecided  19.9%

It is interesting that coalition government party PASOK does not appear under this name in the poll but under ELIA the name it used during the EU elections of May.

Another interesting finding is that Alexis Tsipras gains % in the question “Who do you consider as the most appropriate Prime Minister for the country:

Antonis Samaras 38.7%

Alexis Tsipras 33.9%

Neither – Nor: 22%

Full survey here




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