Lobster and Crabs: Barroso hosts exquisite luncheon in honor of Samaras

Don’t be irritated by this provocative title served in an aura of flat populism and exquisite envy.  The President of European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, did not put a whole lobster on the plate in front of Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

The delicate bites of lobster were methodically paired together with delicate scallops and fresh ricotta cheese inside baked  canelloni. Neither did a bunch of crabs land together with elegant crab knackers on the festive decorated table in the headquarters of European Commission.  Crab flesh was reportedly tender venture to the main course of  turbot fish in the aromatic company of truffle.

The dessert was rather modest, most likely in the sense to fit in the austerity policies of Brussels: a  light strawberry sorbet to cool the gourmet palate and fine choux dough eclairs filled with indulgent cream of passion fruit.

In the splendid atmosphere of Berleymont Building,  the elegant luncheon was served to honor the Greek and debt-ridden prime minister, who had flown to Brussels on Wednesday.

The report about the menu content was published in daily Ta Nea (via Real.gr), where the columnist notes: “Among others, I have to admit that those in Berleymont have no crabs in their pockets,” meaning the EC is not stingy…


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