Athens: screams, faints and tear gas in school guards protest

Screams, fainting, detentions and fury spraying with tear gas were the elements of unbelievable scenes outside the Ministry for Public Administration Reform in downtown Athens. Laid-off school guards had gathered to protest being left without work.

Riot police repelled with force the school guards and made extensive use of tear gas. Two women protesters fainted.

Earlier police had detained 9 protesters who had managed to enter the ministry building.

There are claims that riot police also attacked reporters and photo-reporters. In other media, it has been reported that riot police hindered journalists.

Protesters were reportedly not more than 70 people of all ages.

Η ώρα της προσαγωγής του πανό ΦΩΤΟ NEWSIT

At the end a total of 13 protesters were detained, but also a …banner!

Ανοικτή η Βασ. Σοφίας μετά τη διαμαρτυρία των σχολικών φυλάκων




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