Education Minister fires the teacher, he awarded for innovation & excellent practices

It was a touching moment in the life of teacher Dimitris Sakatzis. He had was awarded in the context of  the program for “Excellent and Good Practices in Primary and Secondary Education” for his work as a teacher.


During the award ceremony, proud teacher Sakatzis raised his award certification with his right hand and another paper with his left one: the Ministry of Education notice, that he is included in the ‘availability scheme’ that will fire him if not other vacancy will be available for him.

“The political world should be ashamed for slandering the teachers,” Sakatzis said addressing the audience of the ceremony.

The program of “Excellent and Good practices” awards teachers for the use of innovation and creativity in schools as a basis for the enrichment and empowerment of educational work and learning process.

For the last year of the awards program 2012-2013 , 1,035 projects were submitted by 2,114 teachers. Awarded were 105 individual and group projects , implemented by 258 teachers nationwide .

PS whatever phrase I will use to describe this situation will be a cliché of the well-known categories: “Only in Greece possible”, “Greece is eating its own children,”  and “same old Greek tragicomedy.” And I don’t want to repeat myself for one more time.

No awarded teacher, not doctor will escape the IMF-hand while the Greek government still tries to save its friends and friends of their friends.



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