Piraeus bishop to excommunicate MPs voting for same-sex civil partnership

Greek-Orthodox Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus threatens to excommunicate MPs who will vote in favor of same-sex civil partnerships. Greece is obliged to bring in line with European Convention of Human Rights the extension of  “Pact of  Cohabitation” also to couples of same-sex. Main opposition party left-wing SYRIZA has recently submitted a relevant proposal to the Parliament, while allegedly also the government prepares an extension of the “cohabitation pact” also to homosexual couples.

«Ποινή αφορισμού σε όσους ψηφίσουν υπέρ των ομοφυλόφιλων»

In a 9-page long and extremely strict statement, Bishop Seraphim said that he will excommunicate lawmakers elected within the province of his pastoral responsibility, if and when they will vote in favor of the civil partnership amendment.

He describes homosexuality as a “terrible sin”.

“For all Holy Fathers homosexuality is the most disgusting and unclean sin. Support and acquittal of homosexuality is a great disrespect to God and blasphemous abolition of the Gospel. ”

Directly addressing the lawmakers and the government, Bishop Seraphim asks: “Who are you, the representatives of modernity that dare put themselves above the God and abolish the Gospel and the teaching of the Holy Fathers?”

He calls for an emergency meeting of the Bishops of the Orthodox Church of Greece and calls on Greek government not to implement “this insult against God and human beings.” (sources: TA NEA, zougla.gr and others)

UPDATE: The Bishops’ threats apparently had their effect and the government plans to freeze the law for the time being after 25 lawmakers from conservative Nea Dimocratia raised their objections, Greek media report. Coalition government partner socialist PASOK expressed the view that the government partners had agree on the issue. The Justice Minister said that the issue will come up again in form of a bill “sometime in the future.”

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