Meteorite crashed in western Greece (video)

A unique and for many scary phenomenon occurred on Wednesday night at around 9:30 p.m. A large fireball traveling with tremendous speed appeared in the sky and brightened the night. Those who saw the object speak of a “huge fiery ball”.  According Greek media reports, it was a meteorite that fell in the sea area between the islands of Kefalonia and Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea.

meteorite Greece

Residents of Machairadon and Alykon in Zakynthos reported, they suddenly saw a flash light in the sky followed by a loud sound. Eye-witnesses in Kefalonia said, that the object lightened also their homes.

The phenomenon was visible in Thessaloniki and Veroia in Northern Greece, in Patras in Northern Peloponnese. The meteorite crossed the sky also over Athens, with eye-witnesses reporting that they saw it flying also over the city center.

via LunarMeteoriteHunters

Scientists note that the fact the meteorite fell in the sea helped avoiding a disaster.

Another video allegedly showing the meteorite, filmed from Trikala in Central Greece. I personally see nothing, but there is a church bell to hear, apparently the faithful were on alert…

“This is a part asteroid or comet (fragment) which was in orbit around the sun and affected by the gravitational pull of the sun and other planets crossed the orbit of the earth. It entered the atmosphere and dissolved at a distance of 70 to 100 km”‘said Andreas Vosinakis, board member of Greeks Friends of Astronomy.

Dionysis Simopoulos, director of Greece’s Planetarium in Athens, stressed that the phenomenon was nothing special and that it was probably a meteorite. According to Simopoulos, the meteorite was not bigger than a human head and not heavier than 2.5 kilograms.  He categorically denied that the meteorite was part of the so-called “comet of the century” ISON that is expected to travel as the closest distance to the sun today.


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