Problem solving techniques – Take the poll

There several techniques – nation specific – on how to solve a problem. The German way seems straight forward → from A to B. the British way is based on the motto “have a cup of tea first”. the Spanish way adapts more to the southern climate with a nice vino-lunch and a nap. The American way is also straight forward → from A to Boom! As for the Greek way… well… quite complicated to describe in a few words. What’s you’re ideal way for find solutions to problems? problem solutions

photo credit to @elenikomini


Please, take the time to answer my  test poll!

Thanks for answering 🙂




8 Responses to “Problem solving techniques – Take the poll”

  1. Sam Says:

    So 50% prefer for the problem to be multiplied by 10 – Un …. believable!

  2. asimenia Says:

    seems most of us are wine lovers …… obviously NOT alcoholics 😉

  3. lorenzo Says:

    the best way,pita gyros and beach with frappe and relax

  4. Mark Wycherley Says:

    And Greeks can’t see they have a “PROBLEM” Its everyone else you know!!!!!

  5. Jon Francis Says:

    Good British stiff upper lip….Nice cup of tea…bingo problem solved!

  6. Eleni Gigantes Says:

    This is obviously German propaganda. Since WHEN do germans go from A to B? (Think of 3 month negotiations after elections….).

    The German part should read: A, arrow, consultations with KfW & German Federation of Industry (“consensus”), arrow, B.

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