Keep Talking despite all odds :)

OK, I am intellectually  out of order today. I was also out of order yesterday and the day before. It seems my inspiration and my Keep-Talking spirit vanish in the air the moment I cannot use my good old KTG-site and I am forced to use another platform. There are several reasons for this blockade, reasons I wouldn’t feel like posting about here. Furthermore, much too many upgrades in my pc too have resulted in losing some interesting pieces I had saved for later posting. I cannot even post the many books presentations I had received, on the alternative channel… and moreover, there are not important news.

OK, there is a voting and a fight in the Parliament concerning the drug prices but it’s rather a political show between the health minister and SYRIZA than truly news worth reporting. Whatever this government will vote on drugs prices, fact is people pay more and more for medication and the whole issue is just about the over-ambitious health minister.

Ah, there is also the issue of the unified property tax – “the most just property tax ever,” as finance minister Yiannis Stournaras described it. Fact is that again the middle-classes and even the jobless in the big cities will pay the price and fill the state registers, after more than 70 lawmakers from Samaras’ Nea Dimocratia managed to provide property tax relief for their voters in the country side.

That’s a fact. In the country side, everyone knows everyone or is even related to each other, so help from MPs is easy to get. In contrast, in big cities, the sheep votes, casts its <+> to MPs who have no idea which sheep and what goat voted for them. And they fairly do not care, unless their voters are organized in parties and known by name and address.

And yet, there is two good things amid my server misery and the depressing political and social situation here:

a) the sun is shining

b) I don’t need to seek and upload thumbnail-pictures for every post I do.

PS Yes. I feel like whining today. Wouldn’t you if you were in my position?


4 Responses to “Keep Talking despite all odds :)”

  1. Elizabeth E Says:

    How can we help? Thank you, What about a conference/meeting/party in January in Athens for KTG and followers? Charge tickets, have fun auction and axxept contributions. are not alone!

  2. Jacquie Says:

    Oh dear, you really, really are not feeling the vibe, (or any vibe for that matter) are you???? Get Better Soon! x

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