Athens: municipality policemen brawl with public sector unionists

Angry municipality policemen and public sector unionists had a real bad time with raised punches and pushing around in an Athens hotel on Wednesday. A group of frustrated and laid-off municipality policemen entered the hall where public sector union ADEDY was holding a conference. The municipality policemen shouted slogans against the unionists and accused them of not having supported their struggle, when the Greek government decided to suspend the institution and send them home with the ghost of unemployment haunting them.

ADEDYmunicipality policemen

Angry fists were raised and most possibly fell as well, pushing against each other occurred, some tried to calm down the spirits. When ADEDY vice president asked municipality policemen to leave the hall, blood started to boil again.

more pictures in

Really ugly scenes were averted though, and policemen left shouting at the unionists, that they leave to them “the comfort chairs of power and the ambitions for political careers”.

That’s the bitter truth dividing the austerity-hit Greek society. Those without work and income envy those with work. And furthermore, unionists who spent years allegedly struggling for the rights of workers and employees found a safe job as ‘lawmakers’, climbing the stairs up to a ministerial post.


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