Eurogroup-Greece: Germany Firm Against Interest Rates Cuts, Want Reforms Supervision

It looks as if there is a thriller going on in Brussels, during the Eurogroup meeting on Greece. Some Greek media report of an adamant Germany insists of pushing its own terms and conditions and thus despite resistance from the IMF. With Greece being stuck among the two of them and at risk of being crushed.

Germany reportedly is firmly against a reductions of interest rates cuts for the money already paid to Greece. The IMF considers it as imperative in order to give a breath to Athens.

Beyond that, Germany goes even a step further, thus challenging the Greek common sense: Berlin – or better say Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, wants a strict supervision of the Greeks that they will carry out the reforms.

Details of how this “strict supervision” will be imposed in real Greek life have not reached Athens yet. At least, not the media.

Meanwhile Dutch Finance Minister said that the Eurogroup may meet again this week on Greece.


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