Greek Employees, Pensioners & Patients to Pay for Troika Austerity

It’s the same old Greek story: Employees, pensioners and patients will mainly pay for the Troika austerity measures. A package of 11.5 billion euro for the years 2013-2014 and additional measures of 3 billion euro for 2012 to cover up missed fiscal targets.

Employees, pensioners and patients will have to come up for expenditure cuts worth 5 billion euro.

How will this look like? As Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras exposes Samaras’ government cuts-proposals to the Troika this morning, parts of this package have been leaked to the press.

Some of the measures would include:

A cap for pensions: maximum pension would be 2,000-2,200 euro

Pensions: 5% for pensions 1,000-1,400 euro, 10% for pensions over 1,400 euro. If someone gets more than one pension, the cut will affect the total amount.

Allowances, Social Benefits: More than 89 social and welfare benefits will be given only according to income and social criteria. Only unemployment allowance and EKAS (a welfare benefit for low pensioners) are not “touched by the measures, even though a very low-income cap was set and applied last year for EKAS.

There have been some rumors to cut unemployment allowance for seasonal workers (agriculture, tourism) but nothing is confirmed yet.

Lump sum: 22.67% cuts for civil servants. A total of 40% cut for those insurance funds that pay higher lump sum than employees’ contributions.

Health Care: That’s THE end of Greek patient, should the cuts will be applied as apparently planned!

Maximum annual spending pro insured patient will be 1,500 euro! This amount would include expenditutre cover by insurance funds for: prescription medicine, 2 check ups per year, 1 hospital staying.

If this amount is earlier spent, the patient will have to pay 10 euro per visit to a doctor and 15% of the daily cost for a hospital staying.

Nothing has been said so far about prescription medicine costs.

I do not know if the healthcare cut is a serious proposal or just a ‘game’ so that the government can say: we negotiated with the Troika and succeed in canceling this provision.

But if THIS health “un”-care measure will be imposed and applied, then there will be THE time for revolution here… a revolution staged by the chronic-ill and low pensioners.





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