Greece to Decrease Compensations to PM and Ministers, But Not To MPs

Greece’s alternate Finance Minister Christos Staikouras uploaded in open government a series of compensation cuts for the high-ranking officials of the country. The Prime Minister and the Parliament speaker, Ministers and alternate ministers will see their income been cut between 468 and 1,872 euro per month.

The salaries for the 300 MPs remain ‘untouchable” from the austerity cuts:

PM and Parliament Speaker a decrease of 1,872 euro per month.

Deputy PM and Main Opposition leader a decrease of 1,404 euro per month. 

Ministers and deputy/alternate Ministers a decrease of 935 euro if they are also MPS and a decrease of 468 euro, if they are not.

A further decision on wages cuts to General Secretaries is expected too.

With these cuts the debt-ridden government expects to save 9-10 million euro per year.

The Finance Ministry decided also to proceed to cuts of 10-25% the state pays for rent for public buildings.

PS I didn’t know we had a deputy prime minister… the last two in Papandreou & Papademos governments were Venizelos & Pangalos, but Samaras government had not appointed any. Or it has???





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