Greek June 17 Elections: EXIT POLLS ND 27.5-30%, SYRIZA 27-30%

Neck to Neck!  Exit Polls released at 7 pm. Very unclear as concerned to percentage!

1. ND 27.5% – 30.5%

2. SYRIZA 27% – 30%

3. PASOK  10% -12%


5.CHRYSI AVGI  6% – 7%

6. DEMOCRATIC LEFT  5.5% -6.5%

7. KKE  5% -6%

No other party manages to pass 3% threshold.


In comparison to May 6 elections:

ND winds in percentage but does not manage to achieve absolute majority.

SYRIZA breaks its own historical record. 4% eight months ago, and 17% on May 6.

PASOK and INDEP GREEKS rates decreased

CHRYSI AVGI emerges to 5th party.

Historic low for KKE.

According to Grek media, the winner will be known at appoximately 10 p.m.

Server hosting currently down – too many visitors at once lol

We’ll do our live blogging directly from Athens in until problems are solved. Thank you for your understanding.

One Response to “Greek June 17 Elections: EXIT POLLS ND 27.5-30%, SYRIZA 27-30%”

  1. AntonisX Says:

    So, this is too close to call… It’s gonna be a long night it seems.
    At least there is football… 😉

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