KTG.com Has Server Problems…

Thank you for the many e-mails and requests as to why the blog seems to have ‘disappeared’. News blog wwwDOTkeeptalkinggreeceDOTcom suffers from severe server problems since 15. April 2012. Many KTG-readers get confronted with a KTG.com page asking them for Username and Password. Please, ignore it. It comes from the serve. Free access to the news blog will be available again as soon as the problem is fixed.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

PS Wondering whether we should continue posting here, in KTG.wordpress.com until the problem is solved…


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2 Responses to “KTG.com Has Server Problems…”

  1. Torotto Says:

    Please, keep om posting both places! Don’t wanna miss out on your comments, great site, thank you!

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