We have moved to another site…

We have moved to a new web home !!!



Dear blog-friends and Greece’s fans,

we have decided to move to a new web home.

Our new address is www.keeptalkinggreece.com

Our new home is bigger and better organized.

Yet we’re still trying to store our old blog stuff  to correct categories, shelves, cupboards and wardrobes, we ‘re still trying to find ourselves in the many rooms and new technologies.

The first test showed that we are not doing that bad…

So, please, take a look in our freshly painted home and enjoy a pleasant day. Even if sometimes news are no good, we will keep talking about Greece in our good old style.

I wonder if I add a new chat- widget and we can celebrate a Grand Opening online… We’ll see.

Thank you for being here and going there (www.keeptalkinggreece.com)




3 Responses to “We have moved to another site…”

  1. yannis Says:

    good luck and hope to see you soon


  2. Tom Says:

    Where/how do I create a user name and password? The window asks for both, but does not allow me to create an account. I would hate to lose my connection to Greek news.

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