Greece – Argentina: IMF vs. IMF

Greece vs. Argentina

Rehhagel vs. Marantona

David vs. Goliath


The first thing it came to my mind when I heard Greece was to play against Agerntina wasn’t Diego Marantona. It was the IMF!

I thought it would be a great fun to see two soccer teams to pit their International Monetary Fond experiences on South African grass.

Clearly Argentina is the favorite of tonight’s game. Not only because of  top players like Messi.

Argentina outclasses Greece also in IMF experience. It was a limp, badly written and worst applied  IMF– program that brought Argentina’s economy to collapse in 2001. Nine years later Argentina still swims in huge debts, still finds it hard to get creditors. So Argentina knows what’s  all  about!

In terms of citizens’ activism Argentina outwits Greece. Thousand Argentinians banged their empty pots for weeks if not for months, asking their confiscated money back. Argentinean citizens turned their back to expensive import goods and start buying local. Argentinean citizens have been living for more than nine years in  misery.

In comparison Greece is very new in the IMF “poor relatives’ club”. Thus the IMF did not come alone  but brought the company of EU and European Central Bank with. A  Money Company  to bang  “big spenders” Greeks.

As for citizens’ activism…. Oh, Dear!

There were only 300 people who banged their pots on a Saturday in Thessaloniki. Following week there were only 20. There was no next week.

There is some citizen’s “resistance” movements mostly on Facebook but it looks as if Greeks prefer “couch-protests” to “active actions”. Things are moving  loose, things are moving slow.

You can’t say that, coach!

I read on Facebook that in the Press Conference before tonight’s match, Greek National Team coach Otto Rehhagel said:

Argentina are a top-class team, far superior to Greece. They will clearly be better than us and we have got to see how to cope with them. We all know the Argentine team is of extraordinary quality but we are happy to have a chance to qualify.”…

I pretend to be stupid and I want to believe that coach Otto spoke of ‘qualification’ in terms of getting the second tranche of IMF/EU loan and he didn’t mean the “World Cup”.

Because with such pessimism and self-defeat mentality you can only kick a goal in your own posts! You can’t qua-li-fy!

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2 Responses to “Greece – Argentina: IMF vs. IMF”

  1. Peter Gulyas Says:

    I dont understand where you see the connection, World Cup has no effect on the IMF and the other way around too. It’s just soccer!

  2. keeptalkinggreece Says:

    Of course, World Cup has no effect on IMF! But I consider unacceptable for the coach of Greece to make such statements shortly before the game. So before being rude I chose the ‘polite’ way.

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