The non-stop AVEROF-Party! New photos, video, fun!

That’s for sure catchy ! yup ! The AVEROF-Party! yeah… The wedding party on the historical battleship! Rrright! It turns to a non-stop Party slowly!
Kind of Clubbing on a Battleship! yeah….
Every time the Party “disappears” from the news , new details or pictures appear and… here we go again!
This is the non-stop AVEROF-Party, for sure!
Questions that burn Greeks’ lips:
1) Will Lemos-Patitsas family repair the AVEROF-deck damaged by the high heels?
2) Will
Sunday newspaper Proto Thema, which revealed the  scandal a week ago and triggered a powerful social cannon ball, publishes today new Party photos and juicy details.
The accompaning story concentrates on the ‘past’ of the  ‘paid hostesses’. The salary ? Just EUR 300.
According to newspaper story the “paid” hostesses are “models or  ex-playmates“,  with legendary appearances not in real battles but in … men’s magazines.
Some Girl needed to rest her high-heels legs, so she enjoyed a break at the outpost;  the sailors – Navys has been always know for good manners- chatted outside.
(full story + pictures ) reports of Canadian model Shelby, who found it “cool” to be in that party
Real-News newspaper revealed that Leo Patitsas has not done his military service, which is mandatory in Greece
STAR TV Channel added its onw sauce showing the damaged deck of legengary AVEROF.
Damaged by the high heels of the working girls
I must say, I missed the full story….  just saw  2 seconds of  the damaged deck.
It’s not for no reason that sailors advice you not to wear high heels on ship decks.
You can easily find yourself in publicity water.
On the other hand, it is urgently adviceable that the next high society Party takes place inside  Submarine Papanikolis – another legendary ship of the Greek Navy.
Chances are high you will avoid  publicity!

Questions that burn Greeks’ lips:
1) Will Lemos-Patitsas family come up for the damaged  AVEROF-deck?
2) Will Leo Patitsas do his military service?
3) Will more picture appear?
4) Will this Party ever be over?


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