AVEROF-Party, Part 2: Oh dear…where is my shrink?

Mother Marigo’s counter attack!

Marigo Lemos – Patitsa, mother of  Averof-party host Leo, sends critics to the shrink!

There were times when I was wondering whether my independance struggle and my critical spirit are issues that I should talk about with a shrink. I haven’t done it so far… But now here comes a cloud in dark pink urgently advising me to do so!

Mario Lemos-Patitsa, mother of party groom Leo, gave  an interview to  www.espressonews.gr . Oddly enough while the reporter posed the questions, Ms. Marigo  suffered an attack of multiple disorders like  bottomless cheek, historical ignorance and provocative behaviour.

Asked about the reasons why the party on the battleship AVEROF  caused an uproar, the mother of the groom answered “I am not a psychologist. Go and ask the experts, the psychiatrists”, unable to understand what’s the problem dancing to oriental tunes on a legendary ship, unable to understand why such an event can be seen as an insult to history of the country. Ms. Lemos-Patitsas went so far by advising even the Minister of  National Defense E. Venizelos -who reacted angrily – to go see a shrink!

She even revealed that “Two years ago we held a similar event on the battleship. Nobody said anything at that time. We danced as planned!”

(video from star-tv.gr http://www.star.gr/index.php?ID=ellada_kosmos&Rec_ID=48834 from 2008 Averof-Party )

AVEROF-addicted Marigo Lemos-Patitsa admits that she was initially upset, but  “when I realized, however, who talks about it and writes, I stopped to spend time on the issue, I stopped to be bothered.  These are wryly comments .They get something small and they exaggerate… Unfortunately, some people can not estimate correct the situation.. “

Stressing the donation the family offered to AVEROF-Museum (humble 5.000 EUR) charity lady Marigo said ” In life some are spiteful and envious“.

photo Proto Thema

Marigo (before the hair extensions), Marietta dancing in Navy blue…

Apparently unable to deal with the social pressure and outcry, Marigo’s daughter in law, ex-STAR HELLAS & ex-TV girl, Marietta Chrousala was rushed to a private hospital Thursday with breath shortness, dizziness and discomfort.

According to Greek gossip media, Marietta suffered a panic attack!


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