Rehhagel: Ready & Confident Against South Korea!


A smiling Otto Rehhagel appeared at the Press Conference Friday, in Port Elisabeth/South Africa. The preparations for  the match against South Korea (14:30 local time) had just concluded without any sudden problem  but with confidence.

Both the German technician, and the players of the Greek National Team were  eager, but cautious on their debut.

“I hope my heart beats for a long time, definitely Saturday it will beat very hard. Some things they need their time in order to go. I am very happy to be here and for me and the players is our first presence in the World Cup, “Rehhagel said initially, adding:

“It will be a different day for us all. We want to play well and come out from the stadium as winners. It is a great success that we are here, especially if you consider that other groups such as Russia, Croatia and  the Czech Republic are out.

He did not wish to reveal what will be the  last words he will  say to Greek Team  before they enter the pitch: “Some things are secret only between the coach and the players. Certainly I would say that we must be careful and focused. In school, students who are assembled have to write 100 times as a punishment that they will be quite.

Rehhagel: They are likne panthers

As for his views on South Korea: “It’s very fast team. We saw them in the friendly matches, they  exploit every opportunity. They can move very quickly, with speed and to freeze the game when asked by their coach. They have improved a lot in recent years. We used to win easilt the Asian teams, but not anymore. They are organized and are like panthers on the pitch. ”

Finally, when asked whether the game will be determined by the goal, he said: “We can not say that. I remember one game (s.s the Champions League final in Istanbul), in which Liverpool was losing 3-0 , but got the game”.



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