Haris Alexiou: A Greek Diva Forever in Izmir!

A Greek Diva forever  in Izmir!

Izmir-Street named after Harris Alexiou.

Haris Alexiou'nun adı İzmir Gaziemir'de bir caddeye verildi

One of the streets of Gaziemir (formerly Seydikoy) district of Izmir/Turkey was named after Greek Diva Harris Alexiou, whose ancestors came from the city with an opening ceremony held on May 15, 2010.

Alexiou, feeling very touched by the honour to name a street after her, could not supress neither her emotions nor her tears.

In her speeach at the opening ceremony she even used some senten ces in Turkish.

“My grandfather, my father and my mother had lived on that soil for so many years. My mother came from Bulgurca and my father from Seydikoy ( former name of Gaziemir). I am so happy to be in here. We are from Izmir. We grew up with Izmir songs. I am here for a new friendship”  Alexiou said referring to her family and her roots, being a child of Greeks living in Asia Minor before 1922.

Izmir Mayor Senol  emphasized  the friendship between Greece and Turkey in his ceremonial speech and said:“ Our children will not make the same mistakes that we and the ones who came before us did. They will be the ambassador of the peace. They should fight only for peace. We are so proud of giving Harris Alexiou’s name to a street and we are honored to have her as our guest and host her.”

Following the speeches, Alexiou cut the ribbon that was surrounding the street name plate “Gaziemir’li Haris Alexiou Dostluk Caddesi” (Friendship Street of Haris Alexiou of Gaziemir) on which a brief story of her life and a picture of her also placed.

However, it seems that some were not that much touched by those emotional moments and Harris Alexiou’s manager Olga Pavlota ‘s handbag she had left on the table while the ceremony was going on, was disappeared. Police started an investigation to find the handbag which had two cell phones, some foreign currency and her passport in and also catch the thief or thieves that had stolen it.

Yet this incident did not destroy the good mood. During the dinner that was given to her honor on the night of opening ceremony, Alexiou sang and danced. She also gave a family album of hers to Mayor Senol , a move that was highly appreciated.

During her three days stay, she visited some places in Izmir and emphasized on the friendship in every occasion. She said:

“We are two friendly country and two friendly nations.  We had shared the same land for thousands of years. We lived together. Let’s forget the bad memories of the past. Let’s make Aegean a sea of friendship.”


 Story submitted by Blog-Fun A.G.

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