Nikos Georgas: Winner “Greece’s Got Talent” – Super WOW!

Amazing Voice!

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Nikos Georgas, 55, works at a touristic shop in Athens…

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Nikos Georgas is the Winner of Greece’s Got Talent!

Enjoy full version of O Sole mio at 1:50

Greek Song at 4:54

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 Nikos Georgas… the Greek “Susan Boyle” as media call him…
from ( Greek “People” magazine)
It was early March when Nick Georgas, 55, picked up the phone and learned from the people in the production of “Greece’s Got Talent” that I would do a reherseal. It was his  friend Costas , who had urged him to participate in the ANT1 TV show. But because Nikos hesitated, Costas took the initiative to fill the participation form. 

“I am anxious for the final to be held on June 4. In my 55 years I have experienced disappointments and rejections and it is the first time that I am embraced by people. It gives me too much power. But I do not get excited too, “said Nick after the qualification on the final phase. 

In 1981 he participated to another contest but the points he got were not enough to win.. 

Nikos Georgas works at a jewelry shop in touristic suburb of Athens, Monastiraki. He has meet many famous people, Nikos recalls, like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Liza Minnelli. “In 2006 Minelli gave two concerts at the Irodion Antic Theater. When I met her in Monastiraki  I asked her to come for  five minutes in the shop where I worked. ‘For Five minutes only’, I told her. She came and the ‘five minutes’ lasted one and a half hours! We drank whiskey and sang together her won songs and those of Frank Sinatra” Nikos recalls.

Νίκος Γεώργας

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2 Responses to “Nikos Georgas: Winner “Greece’s Got Talent” – Super WOW!”

  1. Jennifer MICHEL Says:

    Hello Nikos,

    after some research on the internet, I finally discovered your profile with great pleasure. I watched all your videos on youtube and my god, what a voice …. Mom gave me your CD when she returned to Greece last year.
    I come in May and hopefully we’ll have the pleasure to spend time together. I look forward to returning to Greece … The last time was in 1995. I still have the photos in jewelry!
    This much I miss home!
    I hope to hear from you soon!
    I embrace you hard and fast!

  2. Katerina Says:

    He did not just work at the shop. He was the owner of that store.

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