World Cup: Greek “Pirates” to set sail for Africa Saturday

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Greek National Team, nicknamed Pirate Ship, leaves for South Africa on Saturday, 5th June. The departure will take place in the afternoon, after training in Agios Kosmas at 15:00.

Fans around the world are incredibly excited, expecting the 2004 Euro Champion to  succeed to the second round.

“We are the dark horse and we will always be the dark horse. That’s the way we like it. Greece is a team that has no one superstar to rely on, however, we are truly a team that works very hard together and is disciplined. … Argentina is the favourite but we definitely think we’ll make it to the second round,” Gus Karvelis,  Vancouver born Greek and coordinator of the Hellenic Community of Vancouver’s Greek soccer league,  said to Vancouver Sun daily.

World Cup fans George and Gus Karvalis outside the Hellenic Community Centre in vancouver, May 2010.

Gus and son George ( photograph by Ward Perrin PNG – )

Greece plays  South Korea 12/06

Nigeria          17/06

Argentina     22/06

Hoping the Greek National Team “Pirates” will be in a better condition than against Paraguay, where they cashed two painful goals in the International Friendly.

Greece coach Otto Rehagel told NOVASPORT on Paraguay game:

“In the first fifteen minutes or so we were asleep, and we conceded two goals,” (



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One Response to “World Cup: Greek “Pirates” to set sail for Africa Saturday”

  1. Tom Kelly Says:

    This is no 2004 to rig the Euro soccer competition in order to apply to greeks and save the Olympics from empty stands.

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