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Throw a pie at a Politician to make him pay back?!….

June 4, 2010


I can’t believe it!… has a game ….

Site’s slogan: “It’s time for Greek Politicians to pay back”.

It is funny but sad at the same time.

Can you imagine how angry Greeks are to create an extra site for this purpose?


“Black Friday” at Greek Stock Market – Where are my Blue Chips?

June 4, 2010



What happened today at the Greek Stock Market ?

Greek Stock Market  experienced a dramatic sharp  plunge today.

Athens Stock Exchange is down  -78,63 or  -5,03% at    1.484,9 units

Losses of Banks are at -5,64 % and the FTSE 20 is down  -5,56 %

I saw a four-year low in Euro (USD 1,209) clowling by


There lots of bad news today:

1) Nouriel Roubini said Greece needs orderly to  restructure Debt.

2) Krugman sees 50% Chance for Greece to leave the Eurozone

3) Hungary was outed as having ‘falsified budget data“, while state officials said country’s economy ” is in a very grave situation

4) Broader European equity sales at all stock exchanges turned negative.

5) Financial Times warned about the danger of  European banks’s exposures… the hard part begins

6) The disappointing U.S. macro (jobs market data)

7) Rumors having  SocGen (Societe Generale) to face big Derivatives losses

Analysts speaking to , an economic online newspaper, said they  believe that the picture of sluggishness and lack of “physical players” observed recently in ASE leaves the Greek market orphan towards pressures of foreign stock,

Where are my Blue Chips?

I was busy with ‘issues’ today and  for a change I failed to spend my day stuck in front of PC.

When I logged in at 5 o’ clock checking the Athens Stock Exchange I was shocked! In fact this seems to happen lately every time (and day) I DO NOT sit in front of my PC.

I am not a big player in the Stock Market, I have only some Blue Chips and some shares of a private company .

I check them from time to time, when the ASE goes highly up or highly down.

In fact I don’t even remember the value Blue Chips & Share had when I bought them.

I consider the money I invested as “money I have lost”.  I do have some hope that in 10, 20 years, they might have a bigger value. So I don’t care about them right now.

But I do care about the progress or failure of the Banks; of the Greek Banks that do bad.

Being jobless but having a good paid job before, I live on my savings.

I have made the mistake to transfer my capital from abroad to Greece.

Three years ago, I was able to cover some 70% of my fix monthly expences via interest rates I was getting for my capital. These times are long over. Interest rates have dropped, although they’ve started to slowly recover lately.

So I do care about my capital at the Greek Banks. A capital that gets less year by year. With no job prespective in the near future, I can see myself  taking position at the growing queue of desparate Greeks.

Here comes the main question: What shall I do?

AStart crying

B Committ suicide

CGo to the Movies

D – Take a Walk at the Seaside

World Cup: Greek “Pirates” to set sail for Africa Saturday

June 4, 2010

( – facebook group)

Greek National Team, nicknamed Pirate Ship, leaves for South Africa on Saturday, 5th June. The departure will take place in the afternoon, after training in Agios Kosmas at 15:00.

Fans around the world are incredibly excited, expecting the 2004 Euro Champion to  succeed to the second round.

“We are the dark horse and we will always be the dark horse. That’s the way we like it. Greece is a team that has no one superstar to rely on, however, we are truly a team that works very hard together and is disciplined. … Argentina is the favourite but we definitely think we’ll make it to the second round,” Gus Karvelis,  Vancouver born Greek and coordinator of the Hellenic Community of Vancouver’s Greek soccer league,  said to Vancouver Sun daily.

World Cup fans George and Gus Karvalis outside the Hellenic Community Centre in vancouver, May 2010.

Gus and son George ( photograph by Ward Perrin PNG – )

Greece plays  South Korea 12/06

Nigeria          17/06

Argentina     22/06

Hoping the Greek National Team “Pirates” will be in a better condition than against Paraguay, where they cashed two painful goals in the International Friendly.

Greece coach Otto Rehagel told NOVASPORT on Paraguay game:

“In the first fifteen minutes or so we were asleep, and we conceded two goals,” (


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