Upd:Stelios Vaskos: 1.600 km, 60 hours non-stop on a bicycle!

UPD 2:  07/06/2010 Stelios Vaskos completed his cycling tour with one day delay. He had to interrupt due to several reasons. He was warmly welcomed by the people of Trikala. No matter what the 58 yrs old veteran managed the unmanageable. Well Done!

UPD: What’s wrong with Stelios Vaskos?  Saturday 05 June

After 58,5 hours on the bicycle and on the way back to Trikala Stelios Vaskos stopped cycling 80 km before reacching Thessaloniki. He was  immediately  provided with medical assistancewww.trikalanews.gr to get inmformation ” fell on deaf ears, and therefore we are unable to communicate accurately just happened to Stelios Vaskos ans stepped down.”

Any efforts made by

The information is not clear, some talk about insurmountable obstacle due to the weather and other about physical weakness of the vetran cyclist.”

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video by trtgreece

Stelios Vaskos, an amazing Greek cyclist, left Trikala at 12:00 Thurday for his 1.600 km  cycling tour.

He will cycle up and  down mountains of Northen f Greece including those of  Bulrgaria, while he will pay a 30 km short visit to Turkey too.

Stelios2009  Στέλιος Βάσκος, ο παγκόσμιος υπεραθλητής, ξεκινά και πάλι στις 3 Ιουνίου

Arriving in Thessaloniki he will cycle to Serres – Sofia -Provdid – Edirne-Alexandroupoli – Komotini – Thessaloniki – Trikala.

The 58 years old cyclist is expected to complete his non-stop, non-step-down  tour on Saturday, 5th June, at 19:30

from trikalanews.gr

Purpose of Stelios’ cycling-non-stop tour is to raise money for children with special needs. According to local media, the sponsors, businessmen from Trikala, have donated up to now € 11.000 and € 6.000 more are to come.

Short before the vetran cyclist, former Winner of many Balkan Cyclists’s Race, started his tour  expressed his optimism and said that it is the lover and suppport of love that give him courage.


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