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Upd:Stelios Vaskos: 1.600 km, 60 hours non-stop on a bicycle!

June 3, 2010

UPD 2:  07/06/2010 Stelios Vaskos completed his cycling tour with one day delay. He had to interrupt due to several reasons. He was warmly welcomed by the people of Trikala. No matter what the 58 yrs old veteran managed the unmanageable. Well Done!

UPD: What’s wrong with Stelios Vaskos?  Saturday 05 June

After 58,5 hours on the bicycle and on the way back to Trikala Stelios Vaskos stopped cycling 80 km before reacching Thessaloniki. He was  immediately  provided with medical to get inmformation ” fell on deaf ears, and therefore we are unable to communicate accurately just happened to Stelios Vaskos ans stepped down.”

Any efforts made by

The information is not clear, some talk about insurmountable obstacle due to the weather and other about physical weakness of the vetran cyclist.”
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video by trtgreece

Stelios Vaskos, an amazing Greek cyclist, left Trikala at 12:00 Thurday for his 1.600 km  cycling tour.

He will cycle up and  down mountains of Northen f Greece including those of  Bulrgaria, while he will pay a 30 km short visit to Turkey too.

Stelios2009  Στέλιος Βάσκος, ο παγκόσμιος υπεραθλητής, ξεκινά και πάλι στις 3 Ιουνίου

Arriving in Thessaloniki he will cycle to Serres – Sofia -Provdid – Edirne-Alexandroupoli – Komotini – Thessaloniki – Trikala.

The 58 years old cyclist is expected to complete his non-stop, non-step-down  tour on Saturday, 5th June, at 19:30


Purpose of Stelios’ cycling-non-stop tour is to raise money for children with special needs. According to local media, the sponsors, businessmen from Trikala, have donated up to now € 11.000 and € 6.000 more are to come.

Short before the vetran cyclist, former Winner of many Balkan Cyclists’s Race, started his tour  expressed his optimism and said that it is the lover and suppport of love that give him courage.


Need co-blogger !

June 3, 2010

There is a lot to do but … there is lack of technical knowledge as well. My posted pictures are either too small or too big, widgets run out of blog frame, my own image-compositions come out waaay too small and ineffective.

Is there anyone out there

-who loves to blog

 knows about ‘technical issues’

and would like to co-blog?

You can send your E-Mail in English, Greek or German


Thanks a lot !

Where is my Blog? Where is my Summer?

June 3, 2010

I have been very busy lately. You know, busy with … stuff!

In fact I have been busy since a couple of months with …stuff!

And since “stuff” makes “stuff”, I feel stuffed myself. Stuffed with fat!

I realized with horror that waste line downwards I have become stuffier & stuffier. Is it due to this?

Auntie’s Greek Galaktoboureko!

Or is it due to this?

miserable weather in Athens – yesterday!

I mean this real mean weather. It is the 2nd of June in Athens and we have hardly seen the summer yet. Everything is upside down here. Even springtime was actually in … February!

Apart a few hot days –was it one?-, the rest reminds me of September: a little cloudy, a little windy a little chilly, a little weird for the season.

In fact this is the time to start making plans for a vacation. Vacation in Greece means for me sea, sea, & sea.

Lefkada vacation – last year!

But how to go to the sea when the weather urges you rather to take your umbrella than your swimming suit? And on the other hand, how to go to the sea if you are so stuffed with fat?

Anyway, lots of things have gone upside down the last couple of months, weeks, days. Privately and nationally: Harsh austerity measures, no future ahead and corruption scandals that never seem to end. Of course, the bloody Gaza Flotilla assault. I am a full blood journalist so I can’t help but giving priority to news than to pure blog stuff.

I had thought my blog would be a mixture of news & comments plus a kind of ironical approach to the situation in Greece. But I have lost my humor lately.  There is almost nothing to laugh about or  to inspire you in a perspective sharp mental way. Most of the people I know are down, in a bad psychological situation, see no future ahead. People at my age get jobless; their children have no chance for a job.

Have a nice day!

my  Hybiskus… last year!

This year my balcony Hybiskus got ‘depressed’ too…

Greek activists arrived in Athens – also 3 French, 1 American

June 3, 2010

At 3:10 in the morning the C-130 carrying 31 Greeks, 3 French and one American citizen  landed at Elefsina military airport, near Athens. More than 100 relatives and supporters cheered them and shouted Pro-Palaistinean slogans. Alternate FM D. Droutsas  and two lawmakers  were alo at the airport to meet the home coming flotilla activists.

The departutre of the airplane was delayed for a couple of hours, what the activists describe as ‘hazing’. reports that while at the Ben Gurion airport, 10 Israeli Security men beated the doctor of  the Greek mission. Also V. Pissias and the American Paul Laubodin has a simiral treatment, they were beaten and tortured.

Aris Xatzistefanou , journalist who was on board of Mavi Marmara , described at SKY radio what happened  during the attack by Israeli commandos in the Turkish vessel.  

Hatzistefanou said that after seizing the ship, the Israelis  soldiers banned people from providing medical assistance to the wounded, who “were slowly fainting for two hours “. He said also later the soldiers ‘sacked’ injured ones, who had internal bleeding in the helicopters, despite begging calls doctors, who were begging not to move the injured in such a rude way.

Talking about the detaintion conditions, Xatzistefanou said that  during the interrogations, also young agents of Mossad were present, who apparently they were getting a trianing.

Theodoros Mpoukas speaking to described the assualt as ‘piracy’ and said that the Israelis applied “extensive psychological pressure“.

more interviews

According to Haaretz newspaper :Seven planes were being used to deport 527 activists to Turkey and Greece, Israeli Interior Ministry spokeswoman Sabine Haddad said. Seven  activists remained in Israeli hospitals for treatment of wounds suffered during the Israeli raid, she said.

After all the planes took off, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said three activists remained in detention over documentation and other issues, without elaborating. The three were from Ireland, Australia and Italy.

About a dozen female activists scuffled with security officers at the airport but were quickly subdued by authorities, Israeli officials said. Officials said no charges would be filed and the women were deported as planned.

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