Radical Pension cuts upset Greeks

Vacation? This was lllaaaast year….

The last vacation you ever had in your life ( photo: Lefkada 2009 )

Greeks experience a new shock, as the lenders – Troika (EE/ECB/IMF) demands a radical decrease in pensions.

Pension : only just 48% of the salary after 40 years of work!

While Labor Minister Andreas Loverdos proposes the pension to be 60% of the salary, the Troika puts the knife deep in the pockets of the insured.


A employee gets today € 1.200 salary.

His pension after 35 years of work is € 837

With Loverdos Proposal: € 802

With TROIKA-IMF/EU proposal  € 380 and this after 40 years of work!!!

These radical pension cuts are not combined with any changes in the insurance/pensions system. Charges lcould be  separation of doctor/pharmaceutical insurance from pensions, or volunteery pension contributions.

Billions of Euros  from the insurance/pension institutions have been lost after the money was used to invest in questionable bonds. No state official has been hold accountable so far or have been punished!

At the same time salaries for firstly employed have been cut from  € 745  down  € 550

In short we, common Greeks, are called to pay for the debts created by those who put their hands deep in the millions & billions of  public money. And did this for decades.

Will Greeks accept this injustice?


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One Response to “Radical Pension cuts upset Greeks”

  1. Tom Kelly Says:

    Nop! My friend you got it all wrong.

    You common greeks (and sudsequently voters) are called to pay the debts created by the ones you have been placing in power for the past 35 years!

    In a Democracy the ultimate resposibility lays with the voter; that would be you the “common greeks”. Get it?

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