Flotilla Activists: Greeks to arrive tonight – Detainees Letter from Beer sheva

As the deportation of Flotilla activists has started, a Greek C-130 took off  early afternoon from Athens to Tel Aviv- All Greek activists are to return sometime at night to Athens.

Below : Letter of Greek activists while detained in Beer sheva prison

 (Translation from digitalshiptogaza.gr).

Statement of accusation issued by the “Ship to Gaza” movement

Statement – Accusation from “Ship to Gaza” Movement
“Eleftheri Mesogeios”, the cargo ship with Greek flag and 22 Greek passengers, which participated in the international “Freedom Flotilla” mission, carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, was under pirate raid by Israeli commandos in the international waters, during early hours on Monday 31/5. The same violent attack had already taken place on “Sfendoni”, a ship with Greek passengers as well, and all 4 other ships of the flotilla. There was use of live ammunition, unarmed citizens were murdered. Israeli commandos with their guns extended, violently attacked Greek passengers by using physical violence and electrified sticks, they handcuffed them, dragged them brutally to the deck. Israelis continued using violence when arrived to Ashdod port, where the ships and passengers were driven, where Greek people were brutally beaten with unprecedented violence and 3 of them were carried to hospitals and the others to separate detention centers.
All of us Greek men and women who are illegally imprisoned in Israeli prisons, we strongly refuse signing any statement forced on us by the terrorist state of Israel.
We denounce by all means this murderous attack against our international mission.
We ask the Greek government to break all diplomatic relations with Israel, the state-piracy that abolishes 5,000 years of free navigation in the Mediterranean.
We state that as long as Gaza is under blockade, as long as Palestine is occupied, as long as the international community does not dare to impose on Israel international legitimacy and international decisions, we will continue to prepare new missions and to sail for Gaza waters.
Until the biggest concentration camp created by Israelis in the 21st century stops to exist.
Tuesday, June 1st 2010,
Beersheba prison, Israel
Signed by
The 20 people included in the telephone list
The 6 women
Karypidis Giannis
Boukos Theodoros

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3 Responses to “Flotilla Activists: Greeks to arrive tonight – Detainees Letter from Beer sheva”

  1. World Wide News Flash Says:

    Flotilla Activists: Greeks to arrive tonight ? Detainees Letter from Beer sheva…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Tom Kelly Says:

    In the year 2010, of the internet, travel to Mars and beyond, creating human organs from stem cells,…could go on for ever, the greek activists have yet to discover the PC/printer….or at the very least just a typewriter…even a manual one!!!

    In any case, even the hand-written original copy is so sloppy and un-presentable. Does anyone in his/her write mind believe that these people who can not even organize a simple one and a half page letter, can organize an aid effort with complex logistics?

    It get me thinking, since it is so obvious that they can’t , what their real role was?

  3. Tom Kelly Says:

    Just to avoid any misundarstandings, the letter could have been re-typed by their peers, prior to the press release and/or handed to the proper authorities is what I mean.

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