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Victim of Economic Crisis: Man sets himself on fire in a bank!

June 2, 2010


A 50 years old man attempted to set himself on fire inside  a bank branch in downtown Thessaloniki.

The man entered the bank at 15:00 and started to threaten he will set himself on fire. Shortly after he poured on himself a flammable liquid and lit the fire. The fire could be quickly extinquished and the man was transported to nearest hospital with no visible burning wounds.

The would be suicider was facing serious economic problems and was customer at this branch where the incident occured.

According to  the bank had seized his house and was about to give it to auction.

Several people have taken their life since 1,5 year ago due to financial problems. The exact number is unknown.



Flotilla Activists: Greeks to arrive tonight – Detainees Letter from Beer sheva

June 2, 2010

As the deportation of Flotilla activists has started, a Greek C-130 took off  early afternoon from Athens to Tel Aviv- All Greek activists are to return sometime at night to Athens.

Below : Letter of Greek activists while detained in Beer sheva prison

 (Translation from

Statement of accusation issued by the “Ship to Gaza” movement

Statement – Accusation from “Ship to Gaza” Movement
“Eleftheri Mesogeios”, the cargo ship with Greek flag and 22 Greek passengers, which participated in the international “Freedom Flotilla” mission, carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, was under pirate raid by Israeli commandos in the international waters, during early hours on Monday 31/5. The same violent attack had already taken place on “Sfendoni”, a ship with Greek passengers as well, and all 4 other ships of the flotilla. There was use of live ammunition, unarmed citizens were murdered. Israeli commandos with their guns extended, violently attacked Greek passengers by using physical violence and electrified sticks, they handcuffed them, dragged them brutally to the deck. Israelis continued using violence when arrived to Ashdod port, where the ships and passengers were driven, where Greek people were brutally beaten with unprecedented violence and 3 of them were carried to hospitals and the others to separate detention centers.
All of us Greek men and women who are illegally imprisoned in Israeli prisons, we strongly refuse signing any statement forced on us by the terrorist state of Israel.
We denounce by all means this murderous attack against our international mission.
We ask the Greek government to break all diplomatic relations with Israel, the state-piracy that abolishes 5,000 years of free navigation in the Mediterranean.
We state that as long as Gaza is under blockade, as long as Palestine is occupied, as long as the international community does not dare to impose on Israel international legitimacy and international decisions, we will continue to prepare new missions and to sail for Gaza waters.
Until the biggest concentration camp created by Israelis in the 21st century stops to exist.
Tuesday, June 1st 2010,
Beersheba prison, Israel
Signed by
The 20 people included in the telephone list
The 6 women
Karypidis Giannis
Boukos Theodoros

Upd: ZENITH:To Cruise or Not to Cruise? That is here the question…

June 2, 2010

Upd: 05/06/2010 – from Malta’s online newspaper:

Zenith’s home-porting in Malta only lasted one week
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The home-porting on Monday.., will sail to Piraeus tomorrow morning after receiving assurances from the Greek government that it will have no problems docking.

The Citizens’ Protection Ministry has assured the Zenith’s managers that its arrival will not be impeded by members of the Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO), who have said they will prevent the vessel from docking.


Cruise ship ZENITH threatens to exclude Piraeus Port from the cruise route if strikes continue to hinder passangers’ disembarking.

Spanish managers of ZENITH cruiser are seriously considering  to ‘delete” Piraeus from the list of destination ports if strikes continue and the embarg & disembark of passangers is hindered.

“The interruption of the services of Zenith will mean for the Greece loss of revenue of 10 million and 400 jobs,” said the  Federation of Greek Tourist Enterprises (SETE), which urges the government to protect the Greek tourism and the country from been ridiculed.

According to TA NEA newspaper,  SETE stated that Zenith cruise liner planned to transfer about 100,000 Spanish tourists this summer to Greece via 33 weekly cruises, with Piraeus as port of embarkation and disembarkation.

Strikes started when the Greek government made public the “watering” of Cabotage Law, which prohibids  cruise ships not flying a E.U flag to dock at Greek ports if they don’t employ a specific number of Greek Seamen, according to the number of passangers.

Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) fears job losses for Greek workers if the Cabotage Law will be lifted.

PNO has called a 24-hour strike for Monday, 7th June 2010, which will result in the suspension of all ferry routes. On the same day, protesting seamen are planning to converge at the main port of Piraeus and prevent tourists from boarding the Zenith, which is  Malta-flagged (EU) but is  US-owned (Non EU).

End of May 2010, Zenith was forced to remain moored at Piraeus after protesting seamen barred 970 tourists from reboarding the vessel. The tourists spent the night at hotels in the Greek capital.

Radical Pension cuts upset Greeks

June 2, 2010

Vacation? This was lllaaaast year….

The last vacation you ever had in your life ( photo: Lefkada 2009 )

Greeks experience a new shock, as the lenders – Troika (EE/ECB/IMF) demands a radical decrease in pensions.

Pension : only just 48% of the salary after 40 years of work!

While Labor Minister Andreas Loverdos proposes the pension to be 60% of the salary, the Troika puts the knife deep in the pockets of the insured.


A employee gets today € 1.200 salary.

His pension after 35 years of work is € 837

With Loverdos Proposal: € 802

With TROIKA-IMF/EU proposal  € 380 and this after 40 years of work!!!

These radical pension cuts are not combined with any changes in the insurance/pensions system. Charges lcould be  separation of doctor/pharmaceutical insurance from pensions, or volunteery pension contributions.

Billions of Euros  from the insurance/pension institutions have been lost after the money was used to invest in questionable bonds. No state official has been hold accountable so far or have been punished!

At the same time salaries for firstly employed have been cut from  € 745  down  € 550

In short we, common Greeks, are called to pay for the debts created by those who put their hands deep in the millions & billions of  public money. And did this for decades.

Will Greeks accept this injustice?

Rihanna in Athens – 1st June 2010

June 2, 2010


youtubed by nasoseftadiadis

Pay your Taxes everywhere! Video

June 2, 2010

Funny video with the Tax Paying Card

in French

with Greek subtitles

by  Resist Tax Increases

of course, I wasn’t able to upload the 2 videos. Who thought I ‘m perfect ?

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