upds: Flotilla activists (13:00) – Greeks – Turkish Baby

The Press Project.gr : Greek journalist Aris Chatzistefanou is in Beersheva prison (as reported by State NET Tv Panos Xaritos). Aris was on board of Mavi Marmara

Meanwhile – Six Greeks have arrive in Athens

Their names as from digitalshiptogaza.com

1)Στυλιανάκης Ζαχαρίας
2)Χρυσοχοίδης Νεκτάριος.
3)Γρηγορόπουλος Μιχαήλ.
4)Παπαδοκωστόπουλος Αριστείδης
5)Γελάλης Δημήτριος.
6)Πετρογιάννης Θανάσης

The six Greeks were on board of Sfendoni & Eleftheri Mesogeios.

– 3 Turks have arrived in Istanbul. 1,5 years old Kaan Cetin & his mother Nilufer. Kaan’s father is Chief engeneer in Mavi Marmara. Nilifur said she was hidding with her baby in the ship’s toilett during the IDF attack.

She spoke of 19 deads, 4 heavily injured, even of 14 missing

According to Israeli media & IDF-information desk: 9 dead, 20 injured

According to Greek reports 610 out of 745 activists have been detained by Israel, mostly because they refuse to sign deportation papers. 48 are to be deported. They are detained for “illegally entering …Israel (!!!???)”*.

*Due to the sea drama I have lost my humor…

Diplomacy: Greek Ambassador to Israel has submitted a diplomatic note protesting the ‘detention’ of activists. Greek FM considers the detention ‘illegal, as it has occured on international waters”.

An interesting article in Haaretz newspaper:

Top ministers fume after Gaza flotilla operation goes ahead without approval from inner cabinet

The forum of seven, which did consider and approve the plan, is a consultative body only and does not have the legal authority to pass resolutions

more http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/top-ministers-fume-after-gaza-flotilla-operation-goes-ahead-without-approval-from-inner-cabinet-1.293414

Küçük Türker annesiyle yurda döndü from hurriyet.com.tr


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