Israel to Deport ALL Flotilla Activists – Starting Tonight!

German Media say the Deportation procedure will start tonight and complete within 48 hours


Israel to deport flotilla activists

By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker, staff

Updated 19 minutes ago

An activist arrested aboard a Gaza-bound ship looks out a bus window upon arrival at Ella prison

To be deported: An activist arrives in Beersheva yesterday (Reuters: Herzl Yosef)


Israel says it will immediately deport hundreds of foreign activists who were seized after commandos boarded an aid flotilla which was trying to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

A spokesman for Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said all 680 activists held would be freed, including two dozen Israel had earlier threatened to prosecute for allegedly assaulting its troops.

Five Australians are among those held.

One Australian man – 20-year-old Ahmad Luqman – was shot in the leg and has had surgery.

The other four are among hundreds being held in a detention centre at Beersheva in Israel’s south.

Mr Luqman’s wife, Jerry Campbell, says he was not armed in any way when he was shot.

She says neither her husband nor any passengers on board had any weapons when Israeli forces began shooting.

She says she has been denied permission even to phone her husband and has not been told which hospital he is in.


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