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Israel to Deport ALL Flotilla Activists – Starting Tonight!

June 1, 2010

German Media say the Deportation procedure will start tonight and complete within 48 hours


Israel to deport flotilla activists

By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker, staff

Updated 19 minutes ago

An activist arrested aboard a Gaza-bound ship looks out a bus window upon arrival at Ella prison

To be deported: An activist arrives in Beersheva yesterday (Reuters: Herzl Yosef)


Israel says it will immediately deport hundreds of foreign activists who were seized after commandos boarded an aid flotilla which was trying to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

A spokesman for Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said all 680 activists held would be freed, including two dozen Israel had earlier threatened to prosecute for allegedly assaulting its troops.

Five Australians are among those held.

One Australian man – 20-year-old Ahmad Luqman – was shot in the leg and has had surgery.

The other four are among hundreds being held in a detention centre at Beersheva in Israel’s south.

Mr Luqman’s wife, Jerry Campbell, says he was not armed in any way when he was shot.

She says neither her husband nor any passengers on board had any weapons when Israeli forces began shooting.

She says she has been denied permission even to phone her husband and has not been told which hospital he is in.


Flotilla Activists: Greeks describe Unprecedented Violence

June 1, 2010

Proto Thema/Greeks Press Conference

Translated from newspaper “Proto Thema” Online:

“We came back from Hell

Only one step away from hell came the first six Greek activists who returned from Israel and who experienced the attacke by the Israeli armed forces against the international flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Four of the Greeks describe the nightmare they experienced on board of the Free Mediterranean (Eleftheri Mesogeios) and Sfendoni : unprecedented scenes of horror and gratuitous violence.

The shocking testimony of people who lived through the ultimate nightmare describe beatings, massive use of plastic bullets during the occupation by Israeli commandos ships, torture, electric shocks and a ban on any communication while in detaintion!

The first Greeks who witnessed yesterday’s bloodbath when they landed shortly after 9 am Tuesday at the “Eleftherios Venizelos”, condemned the illegal detention of Greeks in Ashdod Israel .  Tuesday afternoon hold a press conference.

These are Stylianakis Zachary, Chrysohoides Nektarios Grigoropoulos Michael Papadokostopoulo Aristides, Gelali Dimitrios Petrogiannis Thanasis.

“We went to offer help. According to Israelis,  80 miles off  Israels’ coast  is International Israeli territory and they told us that we have entered the country illegally. Those  still in prison have refused to sign. They will be tried in 10-15 days” said Thanos Petrogiannis, engineer, adding that the humanitarian aid carried by ships bound for the Gaza Strip have been seized.

Activist Michael Grigoropoulos spoke also about the use of force.

“We were in international waters. The Israelis  hijacked the vessel. They took us hostages with guns to our heads. I was the steersman of the boat. They climbed down the boat  from helicopters, dropping tear gas and real amunition.. We resisted, we could not do anything against the commandos.

He said that the Israelis have used electric shock to those who tried to create a human shield in front of the bridge. About the conditions of detention he stated:

They didn’t allow us to go to the toilet, neither eat and or drink water , they were filming us on video.” “They confiscated everything.  I was left only with my papers. They took mobiles, laptops, cameras and personal belongings”, he added.

He also said that he refused to sign the documents submitted by the Israelis and said that he was deported against his will.

“Tehy didn’t let me contact a lawyer or to the Greek embassy,” he said and continued, accusing the Greek government. “On trial will go all who refused to sign the documents of Israel. The Greek Government has done nothing to safeguard the Greek ships. It did nothing to hinder the Israelis come on a Greek ship ”

“If somone dared to stand up the Israelis would attack. We raised our hands like children, if we wanted to go to toilets after hours of beiing there, “says Mr. Gelalis.

After a 12-hour trip, proving that the seizure of ships were in international waters, the ships reached the Israeli port of Ashdod.

There a second round of beating took place for those who  refused to give fingertips or who refused to sign a declaration, written in Hebrew, in he would regret the attack against Israel. They threatened that anyone who does not sign, will go on trial.

The four men accused the Greek government that “it gave  Greek territory to a foreign state“, then all the efforts of the ship captains to communicate with the Foreign Ministry -when the attack started on the Turkish ship -proved fruitless.

“Nobody picked up the phone … In the interrogation area, where they were 663 activists, only U.S. embassy officials appeared with a strong interest in the fate of their citizens. “

Flotilla activists: 3 Greek Journalists Detained

June 1, 2010


Maria Psara – Μαρία Ψαρά: Ethnos newspaper

Aris Xatzistefanou – Αρης Χατζηστεφάνου: Sky TV

Karetina Kitidi – Κατερίνα Κιτίδη: TVXS

on board of the Gaza Flotilla, covering the Gaza Aid, have been detained and are currently held in Beer sheva prison. They will be deported from Israel.


A. Tsochatzopoulos: EX-Minister’s Million Euros Question

June 1, 2010

UPD 07/06/10
Akis Tsochatzopoulos appeared before the Trnasparency Committee of PASOK today. The Committee decided to propose the suspecion of the Tsochatzopoulos party membership.  If PASOk – Ethics  Committee takes a possitive decision it will be independantly of any justice’s decision.
Ex-deputy and Minister, Tsochatzopoulos stated that he will  go to justice in order to prtotect his dignity and talked about “centers” that wish his political and physical extincion.
According to Greek websites the ex-Minister condiers sueing several blogs.
Sunday edition of Proto Thema claimed that the properties of  Mr. Tsochatzopoulos total some € 10 million.
My friends and Akis
I could call my friends “average Greeks, aged 38-58 years old, mostly University Graduates”
Asking around all  my friends said they don’t give a dam about Akis’ party membership. They ask for full investigation and in case Akis  found guilty… confiscation of his properties. They wonder how his wife Vicky gets a bank loan of  € 650.000 when banks hardly would give a cent to a normal citizen.
In my friends’s eyes Akis is guilty! My friends are angry…
Five Sunday newspapers gave detailed reports about ex- PASOK- Ministers’ properties and how he became their owner; mostly they were bought from off shore companies. Also the assets of his wife, Vicky Stamati, employee at the State Electricity Company, and his daughter Areti have been questioned.
———-Full Story ——————-
Former-PASOK Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos to answer prosecutors’ questions.
Head of the Athens First Instance Court Prosecutor ordered  preliminary investigation on the occasion of the press reports about  Tsochatzopoulos’s luxury home in noble Athens street Dionysiou Aeropagitou.  Two main Greek Sunday newspapers claim that the three-storey ‘petit palace’ was transferred to Tsochatzopoulos wife Vicky Stamatis three days before the voting of the new tax bill.
The prosecutor Mr. Adamis, responsible for financial crimes in the first phase will examine the records to verify whether the transfer resulted into tax violations.

Newspapers Kathimerini and Proto Thema claim that Akis Tsochatzopoulos transferred the home  from an  Off Shore company to his wife in order to escape taxes. The transfer has allegedly took place just three days before the vote on the tax bill, which among other quintupled  the tax property owned by offshore companies. According to Proto Thema the building has a real value of   6.5 million Euros.

The luxury style of Akis Tsochatzopoulos has raised questions as he has ‘worked’ as Deputy and Minister for 26 years. His large-spending marriage to Vicky Stamati, a writer,  has caused a public outcry back in 2004. In the year 2007 he failed to be elected, two years later he withdrew from politics.

Mr. Tsochatzopoulos is also invited to answer questions of the Transparency Committee of PASOK.

Economic Crisis? Rosy Future with Carrie Bradshaw!

June 1, 2010

She loves Greece. She loves Greek Cuisine! Sarah Jessica Parker support Greeks living in economic crisis.

In an exclusive interview to Greek edition of PEOPLE  Sarah J. Parker  talked about the unforgettable holidays in Mykonos, Paros, Antiparos, Thasos and Kythnos describing the Greek islands … like a piece of paradise, “planted” in the Greek land.

She did not hesitate to speak with optimism about the difficult economic situation in Greece. ”I have sympathy and compassion with you, because Greece is always in my heart. As Greeks you should not lose your  temper and hope. All things will somehow be overcome.”

from Proto Thema online

upds: Flotilla activists (13:00) – Greeks – Turkish Baby

June 1, 2010

The Press : Greek journalist Aris Chatzistefanou is in Beersheva prison (as reported by State NET Tv Panos Xaritos). Aris was on board of Mavi Marmara

Meanwhile – Six Greeks have arrive in Athens

Their names as from

1)Στυλιανάκης Ζαχαρίας
2)Χρυσοχοίδης Νεκτάριος.
3)Γρηγορόπουλος Μιχαήλ.
4)Παπαδοκωστόπουλος Αριστείδης
5)Γελάλης Δημήτριος.
6)Πετρογιάννης Θανάσης

The six Greeks were on board of Sfendoni & Eleftheri Mesogeios.

– 3 Turks have arrived in Istanbul. 1,5 years old Kaan Cetin & his mother Nilufer. Kaan’s father is Chief engeneer in Mavi Marmara. Nilifur said she was hidding with her baby in the ship’s toilett during the IDF attack.

She spoke of 19 deads, 4 heavily injured, even of 14 missing

According to Israeli media & IDF-information desk: 9 dead, 20 injured

According to Greek reports 610 out of 745 activists have been detained by Israel, mostly because they refuse to sign deportation papers. 48 are to be deported. They are detained for “illegally entering …Israel (!!!???)”*.

*Due to the sea drama I have lost my humor…

Diplomacy: Greek Ambassador to Israel has submitted a diplomatic note protesting the ‘detention’ of activists. Greek FM considers the detention ‘illegal, as it has occured on international waters”.

An interesting article in Haaretz newspaper:

Top ministers fume after Gaza flotilla operation goes ahead without approval from inner cabinet

The forum of seven, which did consider and approve the plan, is a consultative body only and does not have the legal authority to pass resolutions


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