upds Flotilla activists: 9 Swedes – Mankell, 2 Australian detained

Info from yahoo.com

STOCKHOLM (AFP) – Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell, author of the Wallander detective series, is one of nine Swedes held in Israel Monday after landing from a Gaza-bound aid flotilla attacked by Israeli commandos, Sweden’s foreign ministry said.

Mankell “has been detained … In all, nine Swedes have been detained,” ministry spokesman Anders Joerle told AFP, adding that they were not all being held at the same place and some had been imprisoned while others had simply been taken into custody.

I think Henning Mankell is just being held in custody. I’m not sure. The Israelis have him in some kind of detention,” he said.

Some of the Swedes had been very slightly injured, Joerle said, adding that some Swedes believed to have been travelling with the flotilla when it was attacked early Monday had yet to be reached.

The nine Swedes have reportedly been given the choice between accepting to be deported or to be tried at a israeli court.

Info from www.adelaidennow.com.au

TWO Australians are in an Israeli detention centre after they were caught up in a deadly clash over an aid mission to Gaza.

Fairfax journalist Paul McGeough and photographer Kate Geraghty were travelling with a flotilla which tried to breach an Israeli blockade in an attempt to deliver aid to the besieged Palestinian territory

Contact with the two Australians was lost for some hours, sparking fears for their welfare.

Peter Fray, editor of the Fairfax publication The Sydney Morning Herald, confirmed that they were safe “and being processed in an Israeli detention centre”.

“We remain hopeful that they will be allowed to do their job, and that they will have a terrific story to tell when they are released,” Mr Fray said in a statement.

“There’s white wakes on black water. Search lights on one of the cargo ships and from the Turkish ferry are picking up the zodiacs now,” he reported.


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