Updates on Flotilla activists & Greeks (23:20)

Flotilla Activists Disembarking at the Ashdod Port – Video released by Israeli Defence Forces

According to state NET TV correspondent Panos Xaritos (23:00 News)

All flotilla ships, including Mavi Marmara, have cocked at Ashdod sea port

– No Greeks dead or injured

– 36 Greeks were on the flotilla ships

– 3 Greeks have been detained and are kept on Bersheba prison for failing to cooperate with the Israeli Forces, that means they refused to give their identities. Please, read also below from Haaretz.com

– 3 Greeks are to be deported

– From total 745 passengers, 150 have been checked – until 2 hours ago.

No official information about the number and citizenship of deads. Media talks from 10 to 19, majority of them being Turks

No official information about the number of injured – I had posted earlier about 14 Turks injured whose names have been revealed in www.zaman.com.tr 

I am not sure I heard correct that Panos Xaritos talked about 100 injured.

Information from: www.haaretz.com

Nine activists aboard the ship were killed and several more wounded in the clashes that erupted with Israel Navy troops at 4 A.M. on Monday. Eight of the Israeli soldiers were wounded, two of them seriously.

The other ships were towed to port over the course of the afternoon, with dozens of the activists detained for refusing to sign Israel’s deportation orders. Only some 25 of the activists agreed to the order.

Israel Prisons Services incarcerated at least 32 of the activists who were aboard the Gaza aid flotilla, at least 16 of them for refusing to identify themselves.


At least two of the activists who were wounded on the ship were detained after refusing treatment at the Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon. Some 34 of the foreigners were treated hospitals across Israel for their wounds.

Israel has said it will deport the roughly 700 activists in the flotilla. But those who refuse to cooperate will be jailed”




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2 Responses to “Updates on Flotilla activists & Greeks (23:20)”

  1. eu4israel Says:

    I guess that with the current state of the Greek economy these people were going to Gaza in an attempt to find a job. LOL.

  2. keeptalkinggreece Says:

    To tell you the truth I never thought about this aspect! Israelis have a lot of humor… if only there weren’t 9 dead….

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