Day of Shame for the Greek Handball – Hooligans in action


Lamia News : more photos      video from stadium

20 fans and 6 policemen injured -extencive damages in Lamia city

Handball Final Four games indefenitely postponed

Local media & blogs hold  organizers & police for responsible

Lamia Mayor said on Greek TV,  he had asked for additional police forces prior to the game; but there was no response to their request.

   According to reports coming in on Saturday evening, the city was still in an uproar as police pursued some 200 AEK supporters through the streets after the incidents at Lamia’s indoor stadium.

   A further nine people, among them a police officer, were taken to Lamia hospital with injuries caused by items thrown at the stadium. Six PAOK supporters and 10 AEK supporters were arrested and this made the climate even more explosive, with the enraged hooligans running rampage through a local supermarket, from which they looted food.

   The incidents have caused extensive damage to the city’s indoor stadium, where the rival team supporters initially attacked each other using flares, then started ripping up the seats and throwing them at each other. A group also broke into the stadium toilets and smashed up the tiles to use as missiles, causing the situation to spin even further out of control and prompting authorities to evacuate the stadium and cancel the games.

   The incidents had begun early on Saturday morning, while the city’s scant police force had proved unable to contain the hundreds of rival supporters that had poured into Lamia, so that an early morning brawl that left two injured and needing hospitalisation had escalated into an all-out ‘war’ by later the same day.

   Local residents going about their business were forced to look on in horror as rival hooligans threw petrol bombs, kiosks in the centre of the city went up in flames and streets were choked with tear gas and flash grenades used by embattled police to disperse the combatants.

   Another seven people had to be taken to hospital, six of them team supporters injured in the fray and one passer-by that was overcome by acute discomfort because of the tear gas. According to doctors, all the injuries are minor.

   During the incidents at around 8:00 on Saturday morning, some 100 supporters of PAOK, Thessaloniki had descended on a clubhouse for Athens-based AEK supporters in central Lamia, attacking two people that were there with knives and setting it on fire. 

sources: ANA_MPA

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