“Rocco” is Here to Stay….

Rocco & His Brothers

Tasos Mantelis, ex Greek Minister ‘sponshored’ by SIEMENS, has not left for Azerbaijan, where he works as  Chief  Advisor at the TACIS Project.

Tasos Mantelis is among us.  I just saw him on ALTER TV. He said he will stay in Greece.

But even  if he would like to leave , this is forbidden by a prosecutor’s decision. For money laundering. Tasos Mantelis is not allowed to leave the country.

Prosecutor John Sakelakos pronounced  charges against the former Minister, based on yesterday’s testimony in the Parliament’s inquiry on the Siemens-case.

Apparently the prosecutor has enough data to accuse Mr. Mantelis for ‘legalizing income from illegal activity’. Is this what we, common people & journalists, call “money laundering“?

­stacks of cash­

Money laundering typically involves transferring money

through several countries in order to obscure its origins

I wonder if Mr. Mantelis has paid his taxes for the sponsorship.

Hereby I need  to mention that the prosecutor’s EXIT-FORBIDDEN was issued 24 hours later than Mantelis’s confession and not immediately after . The pressure from public and media was more than immense.

According to Greek Prime Time News, SIEMENS has spent some  10.000.000 Euro in Sponsorships.

More about the Mantelis’s case and  SIEMENS’s SPONSORSHIP :



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    I love it!

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