“Census” of Greek Civil Servants!


Radical changes in Public Administration –  Greek Civil Servants to be registered

Greek Civil Servants are kindly invited or forcefully ordered to register at the Finance Ministry and enter their personal & working data in electronic form until July 15, 2010.

This registration will make it able for Civil Servants to continue getting their salary also by January 1, 2011, apparently when the new payroll system will come into force.

Those CSs, who will ‘forget’ to fill the form, won’t see a single cent in their pockets by coming year.

The number of Civil Servants working for the Greek State is estimated to be between 800.000 to 1.200.000. It seems that no state official knows exactly how many people work for the Greek state and how much they cost  the Greek tax payers.

The time has come to find out!




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One Response to ““Census” of Greek Civil Servants!”

  1. Tom Kelly Says:

    Is this an EU member? full member? or some sub-Saharan country?

    Kick them out. The Euro will soar as well as our enthusiasm. Enough is enough.

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