Marfin-Victims Still Waiting for Answers…

Victims Still Waiting for Answers….

Ράγισαν και οι πέτρες στην κηδεία της  Παρασκευής Ζούλια    Η οικογένεια της Αγγελικής δεν δέχθηκε την προσφορά Βγενόπουλου

Almost two weeks have passed since the fatal arson attack on Marfin Bank, which became the grave for three young employees.

Paraskevi Zoulia, 35, Nontas Tsakalis, 36 , Aggeliki Papathanasopoulou, 32, & her unborn baby are still waiting for their murderers’ capture and punishment.

Ο Νώντας Τσακάλης στην  τελευταία του κατοικία

Deep mourning families, relatives, friends & coworkers are still waiting for the official investigation results, but it seems there has not been any so far. Two days ago Papathanasopoulou’s family issued a heartbreaking appeal, calling people (and indirect the state?) not to forget Aggeliki.

Αγγελική Παπαθανασοπούλου: "Μαμά μην ανησυχείς είμαι ψηλά..."

Today, Andreas Vgenopoulos, chairman of Marfin-Egnatia Bank, issued a letter in response to criticism on websites and blogs.

I highlight the three most important points of Mr. Vgenopoulos’ letter –also because I have no time to translate the whole –

1)    The Marfin Stadiou-Branch will never operate again

2)    The Branch fulfilled all the necessary fire safety measures

3)    All bank employees have the right to participate in workers’ strikes

The Victims are still Waiting for Answers. Will they ever get them?



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