Letter from BOND- ex Rebel Dog speaks out!

 FILE - In a Saturday, Feb 2, 2008 file photo, ... yahoo

I was surfing in yahoo last night when I saw my old bud “Lukanikos” — ehm… how I should translate… “ Saucagee” ?- jumping after a thrown firebomb.

“Heyyyy, buddy” I barked loud, “Watch out!” But then I realized it was only a picture … and I was blushed a bit…

Being an obedient dog, I followed the instructions and was directed to a slide show of Rebel Dogs. OH, man that was a joy! THERE THEY WERE all my old downtown doggie-buddies, Lukanikos, Kanellos, Mitsi
All honored fur ever in the Rebel-Hall of All-Dogs-Fame!

I laughed loudly so my ears, my whiskers trembled, my chest swell with pride, my tail stood up and I released the happiest ever WOOOOF I could!

So excited to see them all, all tear gas resistant dogs of Athens, fighting for our rights!

I was a rebel myself at their age.

I was fighting for a warm place to sleep in the winter.
I was fighting for some drop of water in the summer.
I was fighting for food… for ANY food.
I was fighting against fleas, ticks and ear mites.
I was fighting against hostile glances, shouts and screams.
I was fighting against kicks and sticks, stones and poisons.
I was fighting against ropes and chains.
I was fighting against any kind of abuse.

YES! I was a Rebel Dog myself those days.

I was born in Athens to a stray mom myself. She kicked me out at the age of 3 months. “That was nature” I was told.

I had to make my living out of nothing; I was just another stray dog.

I spent hundreds of nights in loneliness…

And then I met them! Rebel Dogs, Riots Dogs, call them whatever you like. For me they are my stray buddies.

Buddies, who took care of me and helped me find a home.

So glad to see you all happy and well!


Links: Rebel Dogs


Picture Gallery since 2008


Facebook: Most prominent Rebel Dog “Kanellos” -group


FILE - In a Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008 photo, a ...

Greek protestors challenge austerity drive

Dedicated to all stray dogs who “disappeared” in the Project “Cleaning the Streets of Athens for the Olympic Games”.

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