“Sundays will never be the same…”

Paraskevi Zoulia                          Aggeliki Papathanasiou

Nontas Tsakalis

photos sources: several blogs

“Sundays will never be the same” wrote in internet Kostas T. , a friend of Nontas.

Notas, Paraskevi and  pregnant Aggeliki are the tragic victims of the fatal arson of Marfin Bank on 5/05/10. According to forensic evidence the three bank employees lost their life within 10 minutes.

Heated discussions about the physical (arsonists) and moral (fire protection system) perpetrators are circulating in internet.

TV channels focus on the yesterday expelling of 4 deputies  (incl. prominent Dora Bakoyianni), who revolted against their parties (PASOK, Nea Dimokratia) to vote YES and NO accordingly for the new austerity measures imposed by EU/IMF.

Link: read more (though in Greek!)/ dramatic details & photos


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  In respect to wishes of the victim’s families there will be no other “tribute” post. I will post about them again once the arsonists are caught or  there is an official report about the fire protection system.



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