Talking about crisis… Katie Holmes as Jackie O?O-M-G!

First Lady Jackie Kennedy displays her trademark chic - pillbox hat, pearls, and stylish suitStory photo: Katie Holmes To Star As Jackie O In 'The Kennedys'Story photo: Katie Holmes To Star As Jackie O In 'The Kennedys'

I was looking for news about the additional austerity measures in Greece at when I was caught by surprise to read that “Katie Holmes will star as iconic former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the History Channel’s original miniseries “The Kennedys,” the network announced Wednesday”.

“Katie Holmes…”, I wondered “as the epitome of all time classics and elegance, as the trend setter per se Jackie O?”

Being a movie freak and having watched my first movie at the age of 5, I can say, I have almost half a century experience on mostly good movies & actors.

So I asked myself, what do I know about “Katie Holmes”? The answer came with the speed of a bullet! OMG! She is the wife of Tom Cruise and proud mom of 4 years old, who walks on yellow high heels shoes. Or were they green?

So can the ‘smart girl next door’ (NYT magazine) ever be a First Class Lady of impeccable style?

Does mashmallow Katie have enough acting talent to play Jacqueline Kennedy-Onasis?

Maybe Katie should keep walking on this path of an elegant mother of a growing daughter.

But, we’re talking here about a History Channel miniseries and not a Hollywood film, right?


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