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Bomb kills man, injures little girl in Athens/Greece

March 29, 2010

Bomb kills man, injures little girl in Athens/Greece

A powerful bomb blast with one dead man and one injured ten-year old girl occurred a few minutes before 23:00 Sunday night near a public building in Kato Patisia suburb, some 7 kilometers from Athens down town.

The blast occurred near the offices of the Institute of Public Administration , for training public officials.

Police sources do not exclude the possibility that the dead, who was torn apart by the explosion, might be the bomber carrying the explosive device, a time bomb. It is said that the bomb went off in the hands of the carrier.

The severe injured girl,10, and her also slightly injured mother, 45, were passing the area, when the bomb exploded. Mother and child are of Afghan origin.

Police forces have blocked a wide area around the explosion spot, while the Anti-Terror Department has also stepped in.

Currently the police is examining two scenarios: either the dead man was trying to place the explosive device and accidentally it went off, or some passer-by moved the suspicious package.

****BREAKING NEWS The dead man is Afghan, he is husband of the injured mother.

According to an eye-witness who first rushed to the site of the explosion: “I saw a dismembered man, having beside him a suitcase with clothes scattered. A woman near him screamed, holding a girl in her arms. She was an Afghan and when after 4 minutes the police officers asked her if she knew the man, she told them that he was her husband “…

Latest information has the dead to be a 15 years old teenager, the son of the injured mother. According Greek media and blogs the family, mother, daughter and son, they stepped in the bomb while searching a garbage bin.

There has been not official statement so far. ****

A lot of questions have yet to be answered, primarely about the target of the bomb.

There was no warning call prior to the bomb as it has almost always been in the past.
Bombings presumably by militant leftist groups are frequent in Greece, however Sunday’s attack was the first in years to kill someone.


A Real Kitchen Nightmare – Ex participant suicide

March 18, 2010

Greek Businessman commits suicide after participating in “Kitchen Nightmares” reality-show.

It was only a couple of months ago when restaurant owner Michalis Bofos, 42, participated in the Greek version of “Kitchen Nightmares”, a reality television series hosted by chef Hector Botrini.

Bofos and his partner were seeking the help of the famous Greek-Italian chef in order to revive his failing restaurant business, gain customers and income so that he could cover his half-a-million Euro debts.

His fish restaurant, the Blue Octapus, located in Keratsini, a suburb of Pireaus, was the dream of his life. But with a financial opening of 500.000 € this dream had soon turned in to a nightmare. Business was going very bad, interest rates were rising, he was not in position to pay back their loans – unknown if from banks or usurers.

Chef Botrini stayed one week in the restaurant of Bofos, registered mismanagement practices and applied his successful recipes both in management and cooking. In the reality-show episode audience saw Bofos complying with Botrini’s advices and eyeing full of hope a prosperous future.

Yet success was not meant to settle. Soon the situation reached a deadlock. Bofos started desperately looking for a solution, he had even initiated procedures to sell the family house in order to cover up some of his debts.

With banks having cut short loans selling a house in Greece nowadays is a difficult, if not unrealistic task. Bofos efforts were in vain.

This morning he hanged himself, leaving behind his wife and two minors.

The suicide of Bofos adds to the increasing list of businessmen, who choose to leave behind this world unable to cope physically and psychologically with the dramatic economic situation in Greece. According to the Police Department, 20 businessmen have committed suicide in year 2009, while the number of attempted suicides is not officially known.

How the economic crisis affects me

March 17, 2010

Just trying to overcome the Greek Crisis with humor!

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